30th June - 1st July 2021
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Workshops - Day 1

The Increasing Importance of Equipment Uptime

The Increasing Importance of Equipment Uptime


As the demands on healthcare continue to increase, there are higher pressures on equipment to perform at it’s best and remain available for clinical use. Sustainable savings can be made by making better use of existing equipment and investing in appropriate maintenance contracts to minimise the risk of equipment failure.

Olympus recognises the impact equipment failure (downtime) has on the delivery of clinical services, and the potential financial losses incurred when procedures are delayed, or at worst cancelled due to equipment being unavailable.

Are you interested in how equipment uptime contributes to a hospitals efficiency and how this can directly impact a patients experience? Join us for one of our workshops which will be run in three, 30 minute slots throughout the day in addition to drop in sessions at various times throughout the day.


Session 1 – 11:00am

Session 2 – 13:30pm

Session 3 – 15:15pm


Mark Bagley – EMEA Uptime Support Lead & National Uptime Manager UI Region

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